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6-week pottery session complete

After years of thinking about how I'd like to take a pottery class, I finally took the plunge and just completed my first six-week session a few weeks ago... and let's just say - I'm obsessed.

I've always been the type of person to be balanced between the creative and the analytical. My work over the last ten years has definitely scratched my analytical itch but it hasn't met my creative side. Especially after finishing my MFA in 2009, I haven't exactly had many creative hobbies. Music and writing lost a bit of their appeal. The idea of the blank screen can create a bit of paralysis, unfortunately.

With clay and the pottery wheel - you're starting with something. You can listen to the medium and let it take you on the journey if you will. It's still a multi-stage process and y ou could still end up losing your piece in the kiln along the way, but there's something so now about a producable art that starts as something that you're turning into something else that I appreciate.

Probably to no surprise, I've already started my second six-week session. Did a one-day workshop at a nearby studio that I'll swap to after this class and also another one-day workshop with my boyfriend to see how he likes learning how to throw on the pottery wheel.

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