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Third Beginner Class Complete

For my third beginner class, I switched studios. This time the studio is easily walkable for me, versus a 30 minutes bus ride or hour-ish walk, which means, I spent a lot of time in open studio. While, I used to go to open studio once a week, I was going three - four times a week, which was a game changer for my forms.

As you can see, even a simple bowl, I threw early in the class, had a nice shape. I also became more comfortable with using tape resist. In my prior class I used it twice, a bit hastily, given we save glazing for the last class. At the new studio, we started learning to glaze week 3 with creating our own test tiles. I made a couple during class and then made five more of my own afterwards, that let me stumble upon a beautiful combo of Bae Green & Wet Concrete that actually becomes a magical purple.

The big leap for me after the test tile was attempting the glaze combo on a different clay body. While I used a bmix test tile, almost all of my pieces were either navajo or speckled buff. In this case, I went with navajo since the clay body is smooth, similar to the bmix. I'm glad it turned out, but look forward to trying it again on a bmix form, but now to decide what form I want to create.

As well, I took a moment recently to try to capture the progress I've made from July. Taking common forms: bowls, cups, vases, I put them side by side, one per class and the transformation and evolution of my progress was night and day.

Next week, I start my first intermediate class and I'm jazzed to see where I end up.

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